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A historian describes the REAL first Thanksgiving Subscribers Public

On this Thanksgiving Day 2022, Berry Craig lays out for us what that first Thanksgiving was REALLY like.

Elon Musk can’t do math Subscribers Public

Elon Musk is apparently bad with numbers. How do we know? Ivonne Rovira explains.

An election potpourri – including a serving of crow Subscribers Public

I couldn’t be happier that I was wrong about the midterm elections. But we’re not out of the woods yet.

Did the KY House continue to trend red – or only appear to? Subscribers Public

Is Kentucky really trending red, or did redistricting make it look worse than it really is? Dr. Trent Garrison does a deep analysis.

Why is the Right using ‘natural marriage’ as their new slogan? Subscribers Public

Have you heard the term “natural marriage”? Guess what – it’s a new term for an old prejudice.

Wieder was ‘quietly confident’ Amendment 2 would fail Subscribers Public

Kentucky is among the reddest of Republican red states. But Tammara Wieder was quietly confident that Kentuckians would vote down GOP-backed constitutional amendments to ban abortion and to empower the legislature to call itself into special session.

A poli-sci professor weighs in on the midterms and Trump running again Subscribers Public

Dr. James Clinger of Murray State University gives his analysis of the midterm results, and looks at Trump running again.

Union voted in at C-J, welcomed by state AFL-CIO Subscribers Public

Journalists at the Courier-Journal in Louisville voted on Friday to affiliate with the NewsGuild union, a member union of the Communications Workers of America.

KY Takes BIG STEP on medical weed! w/KY Moms for Medical Cannabis Subscribers Public

In what APPEARS to be fantastic breaking news coverage, Aaron, Nema and Kimberly cover Governor Beshear taking a BIG step in Kentucky’s efforts for medical marijuana legalization with our special guests, Kristin Wilcox and Julie Cantwell, the dynamic duo behind Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis

Cherlynn Stevenson on how she won, and what’s next Subscribers Public

A great interview with Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson! I wanted to know how she won in the face of the redistricting, and what she sees coming in January. Also, I asked her the “what if you had a magic wand” question, and we talked about her priorities as a representative. Watch or listen, and then share!

How Democrats can win more elections Subscribers Public

Meet people, even those who will not vote for you, where they live. Show respect for who they are and what they believe. Listen more and talk less.

Sitting on both sides of the aisle Subscribers Public

What might happen if Dems and Repubs actually sat together in Congress? Mark Heinz explores.

Tuesday News & Notes Subscribers Public

Political and governance news from across the Commonwealth

Another university abuses the open records law Subscribers Public

A new “horrible” has joined the “parade of horribles” associated with public university abuse of the open records law: invocation of the First Amendment to deny a public records request.

The big terrible thing Subscribers Public

Thoughts on Matthew Perry, addiction, and the industry of rehab.

Cameron comes out against working on the climate crisis, because $$ Subscribers Public

Attorney General Daniel Cameron today announced investigations of two financial institutions, The Vanguard Group and State Street Bank, for daring to do something about the climate crisis.

Election 2022 Subscribers Public

It was a mixed bag in 2022! Two (bad) constitutional amendments went down, several good judges won, and local elections in Louisville and Lexington went pretty well! But the State House is going to become even more Republican. We talked about it all!

Election Results - One big sigh of relief w/Bruce Maples Subscribers Public

Aaron, Doug and special guest Bruce Maples from Forward Kentucky dig in on Kentucky’s mid-term results - the failed constitutional amendments, the failed effort to take down Rand Paul, and the successes of the GOP to draw maps that help them build on their electoral domination in Frankfort.

After-the-election News and Notes Subscribers Public

It’s the day after the election, and we’ve got your summary right here. (Plus a few other stories to know about.)

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