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'Overly petty': Voters indifferent to Nima Kulkarni candidacy lawsuit

Kulkarni won her primary race easily. It remains to be seen what SCOKY rules in June.

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A day after the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled to reinstate Rep. Nima Kulkarni as an eligible candidate for House District 40 ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, voters casting their ballots appeared happy with the decision.

Voters who spoke with The Courier Journal backed Kulkarni, a Louisville Democrat, by saying her prior disqualification by the Kentucky Court of Appeals didn’t make much of a difference to them.

“It’s overly petty (and) it does not change my mind,” said Brenda Jewell, a longtime Louisville resident who voted for Kulkarni on Tuesday.

Kulkarni’s candidacy papers have been at the center of an ongoing lawsuit filed in mid-March on behalf of former Rep. Dennis Horlander. A Kentucky court of appeals on Wednesday ruled were filed improperly, bumping Kulkarni off Tuesday's ballot, but the state Supreme Court temporarily reversed that decision Monday, allowing her back in the race until justices hear arguments on the case in June.


“I find it fishy that the guy waited until right at the last minute to file (the complaint),” said Kyle Sammons, a medical lab technician from Louisville. “She beat him that time, then he ran again, and then she beat him even worse. So he’s mad.”

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