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The Wrap for Friday, 2/23

An experimental article!

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Editor’s note: This post is an experiment. It is a prototype of an article-plus-newsletter that I am considering adding to the site: a mostly-daily wrap-up of political and governance news across Kentucky. As such, it won’t contain articles of other types, such as commentary and media. (You’ll need to go to the site, or read the weekly newsletter.)

Some of the links will be to stories on ForwardKY; some will be to other sites. The article and the newsletter would be limited to paying members only. If you have feedback on the idea and/or the format, feel free to leave it either in the comments below or by emailing me directly.

KY General Assembly 2024

Kentucky’s Republican-controlled Senate passes three Democratic bills
Even though Republicans control the Lege, Dems can sometimes get their bills through.
House GOP approve bill loosening Kentucky child labor law
Some Republicans join Democrats in voting against the measure
Senate committee approves endowed research fund bill
The Senate Education Committee unanimously advanced a bill Thursday that would create an endowment fund for research consortiums in Kentucky.
Bill promoting nuclear energy in Kentucky advanced by Senate committee - Kentucky Lantern
A new authority at the University of Kentucky would develop nuclear energy’s potential in Kentucky under a bill approved by a state Senate committee.
Kentucky House advances SNAP bill some worry will cause food insecurity - Kentucky Lantern
Kentucky lawmakers have advanced a bill that is aimed at upping workforce participation but which some worry will cause food insecurity.
Bill swapping geologically incorrect Kentucky state rock, mineral advances
Kentucky’s state mineral, coal, is a rock and its state rock, Kentucky Agate, is a mineral. A bill that would swap the two to be geologically correct advanced out of a House committee Thursday.

Election 2024

Calloway County, here’s your challenger for KY House
“I want to serve my community, and give my community a choice by running for office.” – Lauren Hines

Other News

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear speaks during a LGBTQ rally in the rotunda at the Kentucky state Capitol in Frankfort. Beshear, a Democrat, introduced himself as the governor who vetoed Senate Bill 150, a divisive and controversia... - NewsBreak
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