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Watch Meredith excoriate the anti-vaxxers

It was good to see some righteous anger at the damage anti-vaxxers can do.

HB 274 is a common-sense bill that allows pharmacists to administer vaccinations to children 5 years of age and older with the parent’s permission. It does not mandate any vaccinations; it simple deals with a reality in many rural parts of the state, that there aren’t doctors nearby to do the vaccination.

Senator Stephen Meredith carried the bill in the Senate, and explained it clearly and succinctly. The voting began, and it appeared that the bill would pass easily.

Then the anti-vaxxers showed up.

There was Sen. Funke Fromeyer. There was Adrienne Southworth. There were others.

In the end, 11 Republican senators either voted No the first time they voted, or switched their vote to No. The bill still passed, of course – but the process certainly upset Sen. Meredith.

The following video is directly from the KET coverage of the session. It begins with the conclusion of the previous bill, and then moves into consideration of HB 274. Sen. Meredith’s response to the anti-vaxxers is at the end.


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